If you or somebody you know has been struggling with addiction, you’re not alone.  Countless people, families and communities are adversely affected by the disease of addiction.  It does not discriminate in regards to Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Sexual Orientation or Societal Status; its mission is to kill and wreak havoc in the process. 

For further information and help on what to do next, here is a list of resources I’ve been compiling that can prove to be helpful on the journey to recover; I hope you take the time to check them out to be further educated on Addiction in all its many forms – it could very well save your life or the life of somebody you know or love.

Drugs/Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous


Sex/Porn Addiction

Stop Procrastinating

While much of the press focuses on the worth of the porn industry – about £155
billion per year, and how many men watch porn. Very few commentators or
experts focus on the effects watching porn has on the men themselves.
With the rise of the Internet, porn addiction is more likely to affect men because
porn is more easy to access whenever and wherever they want to view it.
This suggests that more men are suffering from the negative consequences. Men
who view porn have shown of symptoms of anxiety, depression, and erectile
A new survey by Stop Procrastinating, the website blocker, asked 2000 ex-porn
users for the solutions they used to overcome their porn addiction.
Most respondents said that the biggest reason for giving up was the realization
that watching porn was having a negative impact on their lives, damaging
relationships, their health, as well as reducing their concentration and memory.
However, the majority said that they had succeeded to give up because they
formulated a plan and had the belief that they could beat their porn addiction.
The survey provided a powerful plan to beat porn addiction. The strategies had
been used successfully by men and they were proven to work.
Stop Procrastinating has put the results of the survey into one of the most
comprehensive guides to beating porn addiction on the web.  They have also
created an infographic of the full results, which you can view below:

Suicide Prevention Project

#YOUARESTRONG – Recordings can be sent to (937) 776-3436 or


*Send a recording of your voice saying, “YOU ARE STRONG”, and a personal, empowering message to someone out there at the last frayed edges of their lifeline.  Remember your words could literally be the difference between life or death.  One more breath, one more day makes all the difference.  Your voice recordings will be backed by a soundtrack and be available for free downloads to those suffering. Help spread the message! 

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