I’m experimenting or at least attempting see how it works out adding a new page on this site inviting other folks a safe environment to express their art; I’ll publish it here.  There are just a few requirements that I ask you to please submit along with your art.

  1. It’s a completely open forum for essays, articles, poetry, photography, anything you’d like to get off your chest, etc…  The only requirement is it must be associated with Recovery – whether it be drug addiction, alcoholism, sex addiction, co-dependency, gambling, eating-disorders, other mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc…
  2. Please include a name that you’d like your piece credited to; feel free to send a link to your own blog or website along with your submission and I’ll be sure to add it into your post.
  3. All posts will be published on the sister site to “From Ashes I Rise”, which is dedicated solely to guest authors, artists, photographers, etc…Please click the following link to be directed to the site: Featured Guest Spots
  4. Any content not pertaining to sobriety, recovery, or overcoming any other form of mental illness will not be published.  As I stated above, this is not limited to just drug and alcohol addiction, but whatever hurt, habit or hang up you may be facing that has caused your life to, at one point or another, spiral out of control.