In a Perfect World


What I Want: A healthy connection to my commander and chief, the power I seek which oversees my life; away from the pain, and the torturous strife.  The thoughts floating through my head are not devilish lies; they’re straight from the heart lacking harmful disguise.  Words from my mouth don’t deliver a sting and my self-centeredness doesn’t ravage a thing; it doesn’t cause hurt, mayhem or disgrace, instead it brings much needed love in its place – it’s merely by fortune of association, that the sensation of elation brought translation of salvation.  The isolation I crave isn’t turning deranged, certifiably anti-social or forever insane.  My world is just as I left it or perhaps improved when the power has approved that I be removed.  And as I valiantly return from my latest sabbatical, the home-coming parade isn’t gloomy nor fallible.  Irresponsibility exterminated; unaccountability extinct; undependability and distrust have entirely collapsed; and sole author of the anarchy will no longer relapse.  It leaves me genuinely fulfilled and authentically content as I consent to prevent the next tragic event.

How I Get There: Humility and Grace.


What I Want: A queen by my side; a best friend – accepting of my darkness; walking hand in hand towards the light; validation as a man, as a human and companion; my quirks are accepted, I don’t feel rejected; I’m just being me, no mask or façade, no – just being me, tender and authentically odd; she sits with me in the silence, the stillness, we’re free – vitally in tune with emotions, she sees what I see – she doesn’t give up; she’s all in ‘til the end, a fighter, a lover, and best of all, she’s my friend.  She gets all my humor, whether fair or off-color; she fires it back and that’s just why I love her.  This queen is no stranger to the struggle of suffering at great lengths, but as we rise from the ashes they formulate into strengths; trudging through the valley was a necessary journey, and although it was stormy, it began to restore me; it prepared me for my predestined ascent to the peaks, where I’ll look back below discovering why I was weak.  Our bond is real, stronger than steal, foundation reinforced, it’s built solid of course – I treasure the value of her mind, her body, and her spirit; love, I embrace, and now choose to revere it – the three become one which cannot be undone.  She’s perfectly balanced; perfectly made – I’m never alone and no longer afraid. 

How I Get There: Honesty and Patience.  

What I Want: Washboard abs and olive-toned skin; soul-piercing eyes and a chiseled, strong chin.  To be a powerhouse standing six feet or taller, not down here at five-six – which is quite a bit smaller.  I’d stroll with a swag up and down the main drag; I’d give a high-five to all those I pass by; steering clear of the fear would appear crystal clear – persevere my dear because our year is here.  A contagious smile keeps me safe for a while; the words that I speak are wise and unique.  They come, far and wide, to confide in my pride; departing alive with a drive to survive, thrived when arrived – refreshed and revived.  I assist, I lift up – provide aid to the needy; selfishness executed and no longer greedy.      

How I Get There: Acceptance and Gratitude.

What I Want: To be happy, joyous, and free.

How I Get There: Honesty, Open-Mindedness, and Willingness.

5 thoughts on “In a Perfect World”

  1. Hello – knowing what you want is more than half the battle. And your post tells me you have done that very hard work! I too found that only when I chose to be real and authentic with myself and with God was when our Creator was able to provide real answers. I sincerely hope you find your queen!


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