A Meditation Translation Dispenses Some Sense


Eyes closed, sealing off the spectacle of mayhem in pursuit of hostile takeover; a defense of flesh firmly fastened to fend off foreign infiltration.  Embark on a voyage inward and happen upon a scant solitude amidst the arena of darkness, void of demon or beast hell-bent on ravaging the remnants.  Drift deeper inside, straightaway towards the everlasting springs of utopia where corruption and depravity have no function or role.   Subliminal signs direct the way; they lead into this secluded, spiritual space off the beaten path – a lengthy distance away from the disarray of a society lost in the fog.  A desire for development in elements of the essence can evolve all things known or perceived; the extraordinary is etched in the eye of the beholder – catch no glimpse of iniquity.


Withdraw from the noise – set forth to phase out the expendable; abandon all racket and commotion; utilize sole power of mind to relinquish the aura of lies that cling on like a flea to its host, increasing intention to sicken the soul – those tall-tales transformed into an authentic perception as a result of letting distractions execute a mutiny of sanity or reasoning.  Striving for spurious sound waves never to sublet space inside this spirit of the psyche; no freedom for falsehood to flow or apprehend transmissions of a sympathetic heart.  Attacks from all angles attempt an auditory assault; do not divulge to diminish these deterrents of peril; it is ceaselessly unsafe to subside sound security – of all in existence throughout this world and beyond, sitting still in the silence serves as celestial sanctuary; centered and composed – heed no words of wickedness.    

Blistering heat crashes into pale, delicate skin; emitting diabolical perspiration which had taken ownership of weary remains; a departure of the vile once coursing through veins of a life-force destined for disaster; it’s a cleansing of the vehicle that carries on in pursuit of redemption; where majesty and opulence are commonplace among peasants; where the touch of death is overpowered by the contact of compassion.  Swooping in are favorable cool breezes, gleefully grazing the skin and providing pleasant relief – even an oppressive heat from hell cannot rid the exultation from this encounter; lost in the winds of elation. – feel no wounds of malevolency.


Scorned lips stitched and sealed; no necessity to snatch back sinister words from mid-air, slipped through the cracks of an untamed mouth – everyday daggers that fly out in all directions, wounding those in their path.  Compulsive and unfiltered; obnoxious and unsavory; the ultimate weapon of mass destruction is launched from an ill-tempered, twisted tongue.  Perhaps the most detrimental damage arises in things spoken straight into the soul rather than physically inflicted – domesticate it; let it rest for a time; allow a calm mind to tame the tongue that has slayed the unsullied – innocent victims of the wraith of wicked words spoken; language of tenderness and passion rise from cleansed ashes of aversion; let them spread wings and fly – tell no tales of atrocity.    

Serenity found; a clear mind all around – freed from the shackles ever holding me down.          

8 thoughts on “A Meditation Translation Dispenses Some Sense”

    1. Thank you – I feel like you have been one of my original supporters on this site so that means a lot…It’s been a pleasure to have your input thus far and it doesn’t go unappreciated, so thank you again!

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      1. thank you, or more accurately, thank Brene Brown for convincing me it’s what I need to do to reach the happiness I seek, haha – she’s a pretty smart lady

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  1. Useful info. Lucky me I found your website unintentionally, and I’m surprised why this coincidence didn’t happened in advance!
    I bookmarked it.


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