The Pit


Greetings and welcome to my unappealing pit; excuse the appearance; dark digs dimly lit; it doesn’t feel safe, this deplorable place; this dreadful, no good, abysmal, awfully terrible place.  A doomed architect, I craft gloom above all – it sat patiently waiting for my predestined fall; my dive from the top lacked convention and grace; verdict – abolished to this deplorable place.  But it’s where I reside; pathetically hide; not a seat left for me on the gratified ride.  Fire and barbed wire line the walls; distant echoes and sinister calls; a stretched out sentence to befall, life passing by weighs worst of all.  So I just lay here; bed etched in stone; a carpet of rocks, now all that I know.  I hear the cries from up above; pleading to connect; offerings of love – presenting peace and handouts of hope; just need to grab the tranquility rope.  I can’t – that’s not me; I belong far below; where the sun doesn’t shine and the grass doesn’t grow; where I sleep on the stone in my pit all alone; dark, dingy tone’s overtaken my zone, dethroned and disowned; imploded, exposed; I can’t ever leave and that’s just how it goes – I’ve acknowledged my fate with its shortage of grace; captive and banned to this deplorable place.


There is no red carpet leading down to my pit, where the feature mood’s bleak and it barely comes lit; no, not at all; it doesn’t feel safe, I can’t get away from this deplorable place; this dreadful, no good, abysmal, awfully terrible place.  Please disregard that I’m tattered and scarred; marred from afar, charred hard as we sparred.  I grimly grow slow in my meadow below where my scars look like stars as they begrudgingly show.  Abandoned; rejected from a heart that’s infected – disrespected and dejected by a love unperfected.  The key I can’t see in the degree of debris; can’t agree love is free as I flee to the sea.  I construe a breakthrough as I bid you adieu; I withdrew and subdue your vain, violent voodoo.  A sixth sense saw me lose the race, give up the chase to embrace disgrace; I’ve accepted my fate that cannot be replaced, detained and discharged to this deplorable place.

Salutations! Come in to my wonderful pit; its insufferably grave, but I don’t care a bit!  I couldn’t care less to feel safe in this place; this dreadful, no good, abysmal, awfully terrible place.  Screaming I yell, rang the bell straight from hell; no use to excel so I sit here and dwell.  I’ve checked, decked and wrecked my will to connect; no more desire to stay warm by the fire.  I no longer require the means to inspire; I simply inquire my desire to retire.  Thanks for stopping by, no need to come back; attack or hijack the pitch black that you lack – you’re lucky to lack it – misfit hypocrite shit; bit after bit of your counterfeit wit; now I commit to seek death in this pit; I quit and admit I’m unfit for this skit.  Blankly I stare, invoke a rare word of prayer; beware I declare more despair into the air – still, just in case, I’ve assumed my fate of disgrace; caged and cast out to this deplorable place. 

20 thoughts on “The Pit”

  1. Words flow easily, don’t they, when consumed in the never-ending spiral. I find my home close to your pit, the undeserving corner I dug for myself as a reaction; and for slightly different reasons than you, but unholy and unworthy weaved carefully – just as it feels.

    I’m impressed by your rhyming, that didn’t come that easy to me, although flowing sensations of vaporizing existence probably feels quite the same.

    Days grow in many shades of dark, and although I’m cursed weirdly with an optimistic streak, even for the most positive people, some says or weeks or months just don’t have the grace of light. However my mind knows. That convinces even the weakest part of me to carry on.

    Maybe you’re cursed in a similar way, because behold dear new friend of WordPress and Dark, you’re still here. ☺ And that is a great thing. Breathing. That’s all that is asked for. Inhale and exhale.

    That’s totally Enough. 💜

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    1. Thank you for the kind words – I agree it is both a blessing and a curse that we carry on, but it’s also a testament to strength that we could never really see in ourselves — against all odds, we live and breathe another day…it’s nice to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you a little through your site and, perhaps, continued conversations. Stay strong! 🙂

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      1. I totally agree regarding strength. But then again, I have to push circles through square holes, sometimes because others said I couldn’t, other times because I had to see what would happen. There IS a possibility that I COULD succeed. Right? RIGHT? No? No. 😉
        I go left if anyone tells me to go right. I am seriously not good at following anyone; words, advice or actions. It’s head butting my way ahead. Makes up for a very.. eventful, interesting, and quite squiggly way of life. Stubborn to a fault, stronger for it. Keep breathing! 🙂

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      2. No chance. 🙂 This.. rebuilding.. is going to take a while, so I best just make myself comfortable. 😉 Thank you! I’ll see you.

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      3. Good, I’m glad you are in it for the long haul, keep that attitude up! And again, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need to take my ear hostage for a bit, haha


    1. well thank you, I truly appreciate it and I’m glad I was able to bring you into my world a little bit…that’s my whole objective and it’s great to hear that it’s helping, even at least a tiny amount 🙂

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  2. Wonderful words and such a true depiction of the pit I sometimes find myself in. Just recently I’ve been deep in that pit, and pretty lost on its darkness. It’s great we’re able to talk about it here on WordPress so easily :).

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  3. Those are battle scars my dear. Wear them proudly bc though they stemmed from a dark place, they show proof of your fight not to quit. You belong in the light my friend. Where the sun shines and the birds sing. Please continue to share your gift of words with us. ❤

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